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Dental Implants: What, How and Where?

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Dental implants are (customized teeth-colored and screw-like) appliances positioned into the jawbone (under the gum) to replace the root of a natural tooth. They serve as a solid base (root) for other artificial teeth known as crowns. 

From an aesthetic view, dental implants provide the highest match to natural teeth. That is because they bond with the jawbone in the same manner a natural tooth’s root does. Moreover, they make the artificial teeth placed upon them feel and function naturally. 


Dental Implants in History

The history of dental implants goes back to our very early ancestors. Archeologists found out that small pieces that look like bones were inserted into the jawbones of a Mayan woman 600AD.

A major turning point of dental implants goes back to 1952 when surgeon Branemark found out that titanium blends perfectly with the bone. 

As of modern implants, they have been applied in the course of 33+ years. Over the years, dental implants are still the strongest and most natural solution for artificial teeth. 


Who can have Dental Implants?

Almost everyone with healthy gum can, yet this goes in two ways. First, if you have healthy gum and good bone then you are ready to receive the treatment. 

Second, if you do not have adequate bone (unable) to receive an implant, then your dentist may consider a bone graft or a sinus adjustment.

In either case, your dentist will be able to decide the best approach to deliver the treatment and inform you regarding what is going to work best with your case. 


Dental Implants V.S other Teeth Replacement Options

Some of the other teeth replacement options include bridges and dentures. Although these two are widely used all over the world for their lower costs compared to implants, they cannot provide the same quality of dental implants.

For that, people prefer to go with the implants option for optimal natural results and functionality. The idea of difficult swallowing and soreness, poor smile and chewing combined with bridges and dentures make implants the best option. 

Sometimes, there may not even be enough space of missing teeth to place an ordinary dental bridge. In this case, implants become the only option as they are implanted directly with no need for further preparation of adjacent areas.

Add to that the inconvenience associated with dentures in which they have to be taken out and worn back throughout the day.

In short, dental implants become part of your gum by fusing with the jawbone. They do not need any further care beyond natural teeth. Once placed, all they require is oral hygiene and few dental visits to succeed in the long run. 


Types of Dental Implants 

According to the American Dental Association, there are two types of dental implants-- Endosteal and Subperiosteal. 

  • Endosteal Dental Implants are implanted directly into the bone in a surgical manner. The gum is then left to heal for a while, and once fully healed, you go into your second surgical set to get a post implant placed upon the previous (original) one. The original implant becomes the solid base merging with bone and the latter one serves as the roof holding the artificial tooth (crown).


  •  Subperiosteal Dental Implants that compose of a metal frame fixed below the gum tissue into the jawbone. Once the gum is fully healed, post implants are attached thoroughly to the metal frame so you can place crowns upon them. 


Where to go for Dental Implants?

Dental implants treatment has become very popular recently and you can have it done almost anywhere in the world. However, quality and cost may differ from a country to another for many reasons. 

Some of these reasons include the quality of implant materials and advanced laboratory equipment used with the diagnosis. Likewise, the high demand for a certain treatment in a specific country indicates a fiercer competition that produces affordable costs. 

Similarly, the higher the living and materials costs in a country are, the higher the price of treatments. Popular teeth implant destinations include Turkey, Hungary and Poland.


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