Posted 25/12/2022 in Hair Transplant

Can hair be transplanted from one person to another?

Can hair be transplanted from one person to another?

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    Is it possible to get a hair transplant from another person?

    A hair transplant is performed by harvesting the patient’s own healthy hair follicles from a donor area and implanting them into the balding site. 

    This means that people suffering from hair loss, especially Male Pattern Baldness, are at the mercy of genetics. 

    The extent of coverage in each patient has always been limited by the amount of permanent hair a person has on his scalp. Until now! 

    New research at Seoul National University is being conducted that aims to make it possible to transplant hair from another person without taking immunosuppressants, what is called “Allogeneic hair transplantation”. 

    Normally, receiving organs from another person, even hair grafts pushes your body to reject them. However, this research successfully transplanted hair in mice without rejection for six months. 

    The research team has attempted to remove the donor’s dendritic cells, which are responsible for the host body’s rejection.  

    Unfortunately, this can be a challenge to apply those methods to clinical practice. Research is advancing rapidly, but hair transplants from one person to another may take a while before they can be performed on humans. However, science is now much closer than before to achieving allogeneic hair transplants.

    In the meantime, getting a hair transplant by using someone else's hair is not possible since the body will reject it and immunosuppressants will have to be taken for a long time. 

    Alternatively, people with not enough donor hair for transplant can possibly get a body hair transplant BHT, especially from the beard. 

    They can also opt for non-surgical treatments such as PRP and stem cell hair transplants. There are also a number of pharmaceutical hair loss treatments that have proven effective, such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. 

    Why does the body reject hair transplants from another person but not organ transplants?

    People who get organ transplants like heart or kidney transplants are given immunosuppressants which are medications that suppress the immune system and have side effects like keeping the person prone to diseases and infections. 

    However, because organs like the heart, kidney, or liver are important for a person to live, using immunosuppressants is worth it. But the hair is not as vital that's why it's not worth risking your health. 

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