10 Common Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant

10 Common Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant

The salience of the hair transplant procedure in the last two decades has increased people's interest in undergoing the surgery. However, the fame of hair restoration treatments has brought about many fallacies that prevented people from making an informed decision.

In this blog article, we will reveal 10 myths and facts about hair transplant.

Myth 1: Only Men Qualify for a Hair Transplant

The Fact:

Both men and women are qualified to undergo a hair transplant. This misleading information has led many women to accept hair loss as their destiny and stopped them from seeking a solution.

Hair transplant treats both male and female pattern baldness. It is true that some case of women do not qualify for the surgery, especially if they have diffused pattern. Conversely, some other cases with localized or female pattern baldness make good candidates for a hair transplant procedure. 

Myth 2: Hair Transplant Results are Temporary 

The Fact:

Unlike other topical treatments, hair transplant procedure is the only hair loss solution that provides permanent results.

The implanted hair is taken from one of the safest areas on the scalp (at the back of the head). This region is known for its ability to resist the DHT hormone that triggers hair follicles causing hair loss.

This attribute makes hair transplant the only permanent approach to restore lost hair and treat baldness.

Myth 3: Only Young Men can do Hair Transplant

The Fact:

Quite the opposite, old men make good candidates for hair transplant compared to young men aged between 20 or 25.

We are not saying that those in their 20s cannot undergo a hair transplant procedure. But, some cases have early stages of hair loss and it’s advisable to wait since baldness could continue after hair transplant.

Myth 4: Hair Transplant can be performed by Using Someone Else’s Hair Follicles

The Fact:

This would be the biggest mistake in the history of hair transplant surgeries. The human body perceives hair follicles taken from someone else’s donor area as a foreign body and rejects it.

If a clinic tells you that your donor area is weak and they will use grafts from someone else. Then be sure that this is a scam and unqualified clinic that isn’t related to hair transplant in any way.

Myth 5: Results are Obtained Immediately after Hair Transplant 

The Fact

Does your natural hair grow overnight after you cut or shave it? Of course, it doesn’t. The same goes for the newly transplanted hair.

After a hair transplant, the hair goes through different growth cycles until you can obtain final results. The first 2-2.5 months after hair transplant, the hair sheds. 

Starting from the 3rd month it regrows but the hair shaft is still small and thin. After more than 8 months you shall see results. However, it takes a whole year or even 18 months in some cases for the hair to thicken up.

Myth 6: Hair Transplant Will Stop Your Existing Hair from Falling

The Fact:

People should understand that the hair transplant procedure is not a medication to stop hair from falling. Hair transplant is simply a way to restore the hair in balding areas. It works by transferring hair from the donor area at the back of the scalp to the bald sites.

Therefore, it isn’t going to help in preventing existing hair shafts from falling. But also don’t forget that the newly transplanted hair will never fall again.

Myth 7: Hair Transplant Is a Painful Procedure 

The Fact:

Hair transplant is a simple and slightly invasive procedure which isn’t accompanied by pain thanks to the modern anesthesia techniques. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

Lately, a new device known as the Comfort-In system is used to perform anesthesia without the use of a syringe. This ensures no pain whatsoever. Patients have the freedom to choose one of the two ways of local anesthesia.

Myth 8: Unlimited Number of Grafts can be transplanted in a Single Session

The Fact

Hair transplant clinics that promise you to implant more than 6000 hair grafts in a single session aren’t transparent with you. The truth is that excessive extraction of hair grafts can cause medical and health complications afterward. Which directly affects the quality of the results.

Transplanting more than 4500 hair grafts in one session could cause the death of some of the cells in the scalp.

Some patients insist on getting the maximum grafts transplanting without knowing the dangerous health consequences. 

Your hair transplant surgeon is the one who can decide the number of grafts that will be transplanted. Trust in your doctor and avoid those who promise irrational outcomes.

Myth 9: Everyone Will Know You Had a Hair Transplant 

The Fact

If you choose the best hair transplant clinic no one will be able to guess you had a hair transplant procedure. A professional and expert hair transplant clinic knows exactly how to grant you the most natural look.

Incredible results are dependent on many factors and the most important one is the surgeon’s aesthetic skills. From planning and drawing the hairline to determining the depth and angles of the hair.

Myth 10: Hair Transplant Procedure Is a Waste of Money 

The Fact:

If a hair transplant is expensive and a waste of money what about the medications and hair care products filling the market?

Let’s think of it logically, you have been using products to prevent hair loss or regrow your hair. Ranging from shampoos to vitamin and other non-surgical treatments.

Now if you calculate how much you’ve spent so far it would exceed or close to the hair transplant cost.

Cost-wise, hair transplant procedure is a reasonable treatment that promises to grant you everlasting results and end the baldness agony.

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