A Botched Hair Transplant Fixed Naturally by Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

A Botched Hair Transplant Fixed Naturally by Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

How many times have we heard of a botched hair transplant that completely ruined the patient’s life? Many times, right?

A hair transplant that has gone wrong can have even worse effects on the patient’s life than before.

Having an unnatural hairline that looks like a hair plug is very embarrassing and makes patients regret getting a hair transplant.

So, does that mean this will be their fate and that there is no way back? Well, it depends.

Let’s find out together which failed hair transplant cases can be fixed and which ones are hard to do so.

Can a Botched Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

When we call a hair transplant “botched” this means that the operation failed for different reasons

It could be an unnatural hairline, doll-like appearance or simply insufficient density. 

In other cases, a failed hair transplant could seriously damage the skin.

In this post we will be talking particularly about unnatural hairlines and low hair density after hair transplant.

Fixing a bad hair transplant is possible in some cases. For instance, a patient who had a previous hair transplant that resulted in an unnatural-looking hairline.

In this case, a new and more natural-looking hairline can be redesigned which suits the facial features of the patient.

Another case would be hair transplant procedures which resulted in a low density either on the frontal, middle or back areas.

Sometimes if the donor area was over-harvested in the previous hair transplant, then it would be hard to repair it. 

Therefore, doing the right panning in the first session is very important and the surgeon must be realistic.

Let’s take for example the following case of a patient who had a botched hair transplant and got it fixed in a very natural way.

A Botched Hair Transplant Case Study

The following patient had his first hair transplant in 2019. Unfortunately, the result was not as he expected.

The hairline was executed in a very unnatural way. Also, he did not get the required density in the front and the crown area.

Unnatural and thin hairline

Low Hair Density

This really had serious impacts on his life and it affected him very negatively. 

Two years later he decided to get another hair transplant to repair what the previous clinic has ruined.

After comparing between 10 clinics in Turkey he decided to get it fixed at Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul.

As the patient says: “I have spent a good time looking for clinics that are specialized in repairing botched hair transplants. I have seen many bad results even worse than mine. Luckily, I found Avrupa Hair Transplant and I have seen some of the cases they fixed in a very natural way. It doesn’t even look like they had a failed hair transplant before”.

“I admired their work and their honest approach and decided to get my hair fixed in 2021. It was not that easy for me to go under the knife again and wait around 9 months to obtain the results. But I really had to do something about it and live peacefully without having to deal with peoples’ comments on my looks”.

Below are his results after the botched hair transplant was fixed: 

Fixing a botched hair transplant

High density obtained

Fixing a bad hair transplant is not that easy as getting it the first time. It actually requires more expertise and skills. 

Thus, you must be very careful where to get your hair transplant and don’t get swept away by the low prices offered. 

So our advice to you is to take your time and do your due diligence very carefully.

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