Female Hairline Lowering with Hair Transplant

Female Hairline Lowering  with Hair Transplant

Having a big forehead, either naturally or because of hairline recession, can cause serious psychological problems for women. So, they immediately start looking for ways to make their forehead look smaller. 

Luckily, there are two ways for a female hairline lowering. The first is known as "Hair Advancement" or "Forehead Reduction Surgery". This procedure is done surgically by making an incision in the hairline and removing parts of the forehead skin. This is mostly associated with an eyebrow lift.

Or the other option to lower the hairline is by getting a hair transplant which is less invasive and includes no surgical sutures. It is done by removing hair grafts from the back side of the head known as the donor area and implanting them into the frontal area to create a new hairline. 

Below, we will be sharing with you a detailed story of a lady who had hairline lowering by performing a hair transplant. 

Female Hairline Lowering Story with Hair Transplant

Emilie, a young lady from France who was having a large forehead almost all her life. She decided to get a hairline lowering in Turkey to reduce the size of her forehead. In the following lines, we will be sharing her experience and how she decided to get a hair transplant.

In her own words, Emilie explains:

"Having had a naturally large forehead all of my life, I never thought that there is something I can do to change that until I started seeing all these before/after pictures of female hair transplant cases similar to mine." 

"In addition to that, I had the misfortune of going through a bad traffic accident and have had a scar going from ear to ear in the middle of my head, in which hair stopped growing. Finally, after that, I decided to go through with it. But the hard part came when I started looking for places to have the operation." 

Looking for the Best Female Hair Transplant Clinic 

Emilie lives in Paris and after she researched female hair transplant costs in most clinics around her, she discovered that it was way out of her budget. 

Then, she came across the experience of a lady from the same city, on a trustable women's hair transplant blog, who had the same problem with a large forehead as hers. The lady went and had a successful hair transplant operation in Istanbul, Turkey. Emilie could not believe the price of the operation which was about a fraction of the cost in Europe.

She finally contacted our clinic and got in touch with our patient coordinator, who spoke French and as she says was very helpful. She explained her case to us and we agreed to take her in. 

Emilie continues explaining her journey to Istanbul and says:

"Next thing I know, I am on a plane heading to have a hair transplant in Istanbul. I have to admit I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but I was reassured after I met the medical team, and everyone was helpful and ready to answer any questions I had."

When asked about the procedure and if it was painful she replied: 

"The procedure itself was painless, except for the minor local anesthesia needle injections at the beginning. It went on for about 6 hours including a lunch break.  I was given all the medications I needed for post-operative care which I took as directed and everything went well. I went back to the hospital on the third day to wash and learn washing hair instructions, then I was on my way to the airport."

My Hair Transplant Results After 8 Months

Eight months later, Emilie was able to see the results of her hairline lowering with a hair transplant. We asked her how she felt about the results and she replied:

"I was very pleased with it, as the transplanted hairs had grown healthy and natural. However, being the perfectionist that I am, I decided I wanted more density in the forehead area." 

So, she contacted us again for a second densifying session. She came for 3 days to Istanbul and went through the same process. 

Photos Before and After Female Hairline Lowering  

We have included before and after photos to give you guys an idea of her case. Emilie got a transplant of 2000 follicles in the first operation and about 2200 follicles in the second one. 

She says that she can’t wait to see the results of the second operation and that she's so happy she went through with it in the first place. She says: "I only regret I didn’t do it sooner".

Emilie adds a final word to our conversation and says:

'It is a very simple procedure, and I was able to go to work a few days later. I advise anybody who is suffering from a large forehead and is suitable for a hair transplant to go for it. It is 100% worth it".

Before the first operation : 

Hairline Design:

Shaving the donor area:

Immediately after the first operation: 

Covering the donor area immediately after hair transplant:

3 weeks later: the newly transplanted hair started to grow

8 months after the first operation:

A few days after the second operation:

Progress after the second operation is to be continued... 

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