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Seeing your favorite celebrity or influencer restoring their hair back creates an overwhelming desire in you to take a step and get a hair or beard transplant done.

However, looking for a better option – cost and quality wise – you’ll most certainly tend to select Turkey for hair transplant

Wondering why?!

In this article we will reveal all the reasons that makes hair transplant in Turkey very popular but first let's have a quick overview about Turkey and medical tourism in the country.

Overview About Turkey

Turkey, with a long and rich history, is a country with a huge cultural and architectural heritage. The country is located at a key geographical point, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. 

This has given it a strategic location in the history and trade between the East and the West. This position has been instrumental in the development of the country’s cultural heritage and economy.

The Turkish territory was once a part of the Byzantine Empire, then the Persian Empire, and later the Ottoman Empire. And the name “Turkey” means the “Land of the Turks” in Greek. 

The history of Turkey can be seen throughout the country, from the ruins of ancient cities to the modern buildings and the touristic areas. The country has many natural wonders and it is known as one of the birthplaces of civilization.

Turkey and Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in Turkey is a growing industry that has seen a significant increase in recent years. The country has a number of attractions and world-renowned medical institutions, that make it an ideal destination for patients looking for quality medical care.

Medical tourism in Turkey has become very popular for a few reasons. First, the quality of medical care in Turkey is generally considered to be high. This is especially true when it comes to specialist care, which is often considered to be of the highest quality in the world.

Second, the cost of medical care in Turkey is relatively low when compared to other Western countries. This also makes it an attractive option for those who are on a budget.

Reasons Why Hair Transplant in Turkey is Popular

Here are some of the reasons that make Turkey a preferred destination when it comes to hair transplant treatments:

#1 Pocket-Friendly

There is no room to argue that hair transplant cost in Turkey is much cheaper than in other western countries.

That’s due to the low living and labor costs and taxes in Turkey as compared to other countries. 

The government subsidies also play a major role in encouraging medical tourism in the country. 

Thus, you will find that the average prices in most hair transplant clinics in Turkey is somewhere between 1700 $ to 3000 $.

#2 A Pool of Cutting-Edge Techniques 

When you opt for a hair transplant in Turkey you will find more than one technique.

Each one is tailored to patients’ specific needs and their hair loss condition. 

Some of these techniques – that were developed from the FUE method – are the DHI and Sapphire. 

All of these techniques have replaced the outdated strip method, aka FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) which leaves a linear scar on the scalp. 

Thanks to these advanced techniques patients recover faster and can get back to their normal lives within one week. 

#3 Experienced medical staff

Turkish hair transplant doctors and specialists are widely known for their expertise and outstanding skills. 

With intensive practice and always keeping abreast of the latest advancements they developed exceptional skills. 

This allowed them to perform more than one operation daily with outstanding results and high success rates.  

They also developed a special approach with their patients to understand their special needs and meet their expectations. 

#4 All-inclusive Packages 

When you plan your trip to Turkey for hair transplant you don’t need to worry about anything. 

It’s very common in most hair transplant clinics in Istanbul or other cities to offer all-inclusive hair transplant packages

This means that the price you will pay covers a big portion of your expenses including:

·        Accommodation.

·        Airport pick-up and drop-off services.

·        Transfers between the hotel and clinic.

·        Interpretation to different languages including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic and Russian.   

So, rest assured that you won’t have to handle all these arrangements by yourself as the clinic does everything for you. 

#5 No Waiting Lists 

In order to get an appointment for any medical or cosmetic intervention in the U.S or Europe patients have to wait for months.

But the good thing in Turkey is that there are no waiting lists to get an appointment for a hair transplant. 

Whenever you’re ready, just get in touch with the patient coordinator and they will schedule an appointment for you immediately.  

This way you can plan your treatment anytime that suits you. 

#6 A Touristic Destination 

If this is your first visit to Turkey, you would definitely want to take a chance and do some sightseeing.  

Since most of the famous hair transplant clinics are located in Istanbul, it’s a great chance to explore this magical city. 

Istanbul stretches between two continents, blending eastern and western cultures. It suits all tastes and preferences. 

So, if you’re interested in history, you’ll find many historical landmarks in every corner of the city. And if you’re looking for entertainment a cruise down the Bosphorus is all you need. 

How Can I be Aware of Bad Hair Transplant Clinics? 

Turkey is home to more than 500 hair transplant clinics, most of which are located in Istanbul.

With this big number there are absolutely some shady and commercial clinics as well.

These clinics have grown exponentially in the last 5 years by making use of foreign patients and investing heavily in digital adverts.

But how can you protect yourself from being a prey to these bad clinics?!

The following tips will help you stay away from bad hair transplant clinics and know how to select the best ones:


1.     Ask who performs the operation: authorized hair transplant clinics consist of an experienced medical team which includes doctors, specialists, nurses, and technicians. Each one of them has a certain role.


However, unauthorized clinics with no experience hire people out of the medical field and let them perform the operation entirely. This ends up with patients getting poor results.


Therefore, you must ask about who performs the operation with its different stages and how many operations they perform per day.


2.    Compare Before and After Photos/Videos: Some clinics showcase other clinics’ results and claim it’s their own.


You must be careful and look at the tiniest details. It would also be better if you ask to see some videos.


3.    Read Some Reviews about the Clinics: with the help of trusted medical websites you can now check more verified hair transplant reviews of patients.


Some of these patients even leave their contact details for anyone to get in touch with them. This increases the credibility of the clinic.


4.    Ask about the Years of Experience: the more years the clinic has in hair transplant the deeper experience it develops over the years.


You can make sure by checking the year the clinic was established by asking gently for some documents.


5.    Join Hair Transplant Forums and Read Patients’ Experiences: hair transplant forums are a great source to meet people who share the same interest and seek for hair transplant.


From there you can read an unlimited number of real cases and see patients’ experiences and their opinions on the respective clinic.


6.    Where the Operation is Performed: hair transplant surgeries must take place in a fully equipped and sterilized environment. Only trusted clinics undertake operations in hospitals or medical centers.


Those who rent an office in a building are clinics that you must avoid. Thankfully, the Turkish government and the Ministry of Health have lately started to enact serious laws that prohibit such clinics from practicing hair transplant.


7.    Try to Contact with Previous Patients: after you’ve asked the clinic about all the necessary info, you may also ask them to connect you with some of their previous patients.


Clinics who are confident about their professionalism will not hesitate to provide you with the contacts of some patients.

This implies that the clinic has nothing to hide and is more than happy to help you make an informed decision.


The Best Time in the Year to Travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant

Many people who are considering getting a hair transplant ask about the best time to get it done. Is it during winter or summer?


In fact, this is a very subjective matter and can be planned according to patients’ free time.

Hair transplant can be done all year long and there isn’t a certain season that we prefer more than the other.

However, each season has its own aftercare instructions to follow.

For instance, if you decide to have a hair transplant during summer then you must not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks. Also, you won’t be able to go swimming for the first month. 

While during winter, you will have to protect your head from the freezing weather if you live in a cold region.

You will need to use a cotton, delicate and loose head cover that is non-woolen.

So, if you are a summer person and love enjoying the sun you may plan your treatment for the winter. And if you are someone who cannot withstand the cold and need to cover your head then it’s better to do it in summer.


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