Is Hair Transplant Painful? Learn the details !!

Is Hair Transplant Painful? Learn the details !!

Many people expect hair transplantation to be a painful operation with a long period of recuperation.

However, anyone who has undergone the procedure knows that it is not the case. First, let’s find out about hair implant techniques. There are two main methods of hair transplant:

  •  FUT: Short for Follicular Unit Transplant, it is also known as the strip method. As the name suggests, during FUT operation your surgeon removes a strip of tissue with hair follicles from the back of the scalp. The area where the tissue came off is then sutured. Your surgeon and his team pick out the hair follicles from the skin tissue individually and transplant them into the recipient areas.
  • FUE: short for Follicular Unit Extraction is the most common form of hair transplant nowadays. During this procedure, your physician removes the hair follicles individually using a small motor punch. The follicles are sorted then implanted into previously made incisions in the recipient areas.


How long does pain last after hair transplant?

The only pain associated with hair transplant operation is the stinging of the initial local anesthesia injections. Most professional hair transplant doctors will give you some sort of tranquilizer through the veins to alleviate the pain from the injections as much as possible. However, they will still be felt, at the beginning before the graft harvesting process begins and in the recipient area before the transplantation process begins. So keep in mind that whoever is advertising pain-free hair transplant is just a marketing stunt to attract patients.

Having said that, other than the local anesthesia injections no pain is felt throughout the entire operation.

When can I touch my hair after a hair transplant ?

You can start touching your hair on the fifth day after the first wash, or 7th day from the operation. It is in fact recommended that during your hair wash process, starting the fifth wash, to do some light massage in the recipient areas to help get rid of any residual blood or any scabs that may have formed. It is important to keep the transplanted area, as well as the donor area clean and hydrated to avoid any infections.

How long does a hair transplant pain last?

Most patients don’t experience any pain after the operations. However, some common mild pains can be neck pain from sleeping straight up during the first nights, some light headaches, and perhaps just overall tiredness from spending many hours on the hospital bed in sometimes uncomfortable positions. You may also have some itching on your scalp in the days that follow the operation which is totally normal. Your doctor should prescribe you some painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills and antihistamines.

After two weeks after the operation, you should be totally back to your normal life.

Are you awake during a hair transplant?

As mentioned earlier in this article, hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia. You are not fully sedated so you are awake during the process. However, many people do tend to fall asleep because of the long hours of the operation and because many doctors give some light sedatives through the veins to help the patient relax and have a more pleasant experience.

 Will hair transplant last forever?

Yes! Because follicles for hair transplant are usually extracted from the back of the scalp which is known as ‘permanent hair’ because it’s most resistant to the hair loss hormone DHT. For more details on this go read our recent article on Is hair transplant Permanent?

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