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7 DIY Treatments to Regrow your Hair Naturally

7 DIY Treatments to Regrow your Hair Naturally

Hair loss affects men and women equally and can have a massive impact on the person's self esteem. It can be the result of a variety of reasons, and in most cases hair loss is just a symptom of other things such us stress or side effect of certain medications.  But  to stimulate regrowth after hair loss, it is necessary above all to sheath it and promote blood circulation of the scalp. ClinicAdvisor® presents you with 7 tips, including massage, masks and even dietary supplements, in order to have dense and luminous hair.


Vitamin B8 is naturally found in brewer's yeast, it is known for its benefits on hair and nails. It is essential in the development of keratin, which makes up 95% of the hair. In addition, brewer's yeast contains a fungus that helps the hair to better sheathe and strengthen.

You can consume brewer's yeast in flakes, sprinkling your hot dishes and salads. To have results on your hair, you will need to consume about 5 to 10 grams of it every day, spread over the 3 meals, for a month.

You can also buy capsules in pharmacies or consume eggs, nuts, meat or fish, as they all contain biotin (B8).


It is a totally free, soothing tip that has shown its effectiveness. If you massage your scalp regularly, you will improve blood circulation and contribute to the good health of your hair. We tend not to take the necessary time, because to give a good result, it would be necessary to massage every day with a hair lotion, alternating with a massage during the shampoo when the hair is dirty.


Field horsetail, also called "foxtail" or "horsetail" has the particularity of being loaded with beneficial minerals such as iron, selenium and silica, all of which promote hair growth.

To prepare an infusion, put 4 tablespoons of dried horsetail leaves and serve after 10 minutes. You can prepare it in advance and drink it cold, one cup at noon and one in the evening after meals, for a month.

You can also prepare a solution based on powdered nettle leaves, at the rate of 3 tablespoons for 1 liter of simmering water. Once it has cooled, massage your hair with this solution.


Make your homemade mask by mixing around 4 cloves of crushed garlic with a tablespoon of olive oil slightly heated in a bain-marie. Apply to dry hair, then cover your head with a towel moistened with very hot water.

When you have wrung it well, put it on your head and wait half an hour before proceeding with a specific shampoo for fragile hair.


Mustard oil

It is excellent for sheathing the hair and it improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. It is also effective against dandruff and gives strength to hair fibers.

You can compose a mask with 10 ml of mustard oil, 30 ml of neutral oil and 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

Castor oil

It is a must in hair care, because this oil helps the hair to strengthen and makes it grow faster. This gives denser hair, and limits hair loss. The best way to apply it is to coat the hair with a dab of castor oil, mixed with coconut oil.

Leave it on overnight and clean your hair well when you wake up with a mild shampoo.


This trace element is very good for nervous balance and it can be useful when hair loss is due to stress. You can consume it as a food supplement or find it in various foods, such as almonds, whole grains, seafood or even dark chocolate. Some mineral waters are naturally rich in magnesium and also contribute to the good hydration of your whole body.


Prepare a mixture to keep away from light using the following Truc Mania recipe. Start by getting these ingredients:

Castor oil: 2 tablespoons

Black cumin oil: 3 tablespoons

True lavender essential oil: 3 drops

Rosemary essential oil: 3 drops

Cypress, cedar or juniper essential oil: 1 drop

Once your lotion is ready, you can apply it directly to the hair root, using a pipette or mix a few drops with your usual shampoo.

Medically reviewed by: Expert Hair Transplant Clinic


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