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Rhinoplasty Operation: Its Types and Real Results with Photos

Rhinoplasty Operation: Its Types and Real Results with Photos

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    What is it?

    Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job” in layman's terms, is a surgical operation to improve and reshape the aesthetic appearance and the functions of the nose. 

    Common Problems that Rhinoplasty Can Fix Include:

    • A prominent bump in the bridge of the nose.
    • A deviated septum.
    • Asymmetry caused by an injury.
    • Blocked nasal passages causing breathing difficulty (especially during sleep)

    Is Rhinoplasty Right For Me? 

    Rhinoplasty can be right for men or women alike as long as the case is suitable. The recommended minimum age is 18 years old, but surgeons do make exceptions if the nose is fully developed and if the patient projects the emotional maturity to make such decisions. In addition, it is extremely important for patients to have realistic expectations about rhinoplasty results. The desired nose shape has to fit with the overall asymmetry of each individual's facial features. 

    Types of Rhinoplasty

    There are three major types in the way a rhinoplasty surgery can be conducted:

    • Open 

    It is where the surgeon makes small incisions under the nostrils and lifts up the skin to work comfortably. This is usually for extensive cases which require a lot of work. The scars are naturally buried with the skin folding under the nostrils.

    • Closed 

    Close rhinoplasty is when the surgeon makes the incisions from inside the nostrils. This allows for no visible scar whatsoever. It is suitable for minor adjustments. 

    • Tiplasty  

    As the name may suggest, it has to do with reshaping the nasal tip regardless of whether it was open or closed surgery.

    Rhinoplasty Results Before and After

    Case (1): Dorsal Hump Removal

    A prominent bump on the nose bridge removed in a closed surgery. 

    Case (2): Dorsal Hump and Nostrils Reshaping

    The general size of the nose was too big for this patient’s face. So, an open surgery with a combination of nose bridge and nostrils reshaping.

    Case (3): Tiplasty

    Tiplasty, this is a case where the patient’s nasal tip was reshaped to have higher projection. 


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