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DHI vs FUE hair transplants: Explained by surgeons

DHI vs FUE hair transplants: Explained by surgeons

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    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removing suitable hair follicles from donor areas in the patient’s body and transplanting them into the recipient areas of the same patient where hair is thin or absent. In most cases, the donor areas are at the back and sides of the head. The receiving areas are the top parts of the head. 

    In a hair transplant procedure, there are three main steps. And for each step, we can choose from many methods/techniques. At present time, the most popular methods are the FUE method and the DHI method.

    In this article, we will be comparing DHI and FUE. We believe that the comparison should come from a hair surgeon at a reputable clinic so that we have the best understanding. 

    Therefore, we decided to ask the surgeons at EXPERT HAIR TRANSPLANT clinic in Istanbul to make the picture clear and shed deep light on DHI vs FUE. 

    Let's dive in...

    What is an FUE?

    FUE which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair graft harvesting method/technique that can be applied in a hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant procedure has three main steps, hair graft extraction, incisions, and hair grafts implantation.

    What is a DHI?

    DHI which stands for Direct Hair Implant is a hair graft implanting method/technique that can be applied in a hair transplant procedure. 

    Again, let's remind you that, a hair transplant procedure has three main steps/stages, Hair graft extraction, incisions, and hair graft implantation.

    So, how does a DHI differ from an FUE?

    Well, as we can see now both are different techniques applied in different steps/stages of a hair transplant procedure. They are simply not comparable and it isn't very accurate to do so. DHI is a hair graft implanting technique while FUE is a hair graft extracting technique

    It would make more sense to compare two different hair graft extracting methods such as FUE and FUT (as we did in this article), FUE and NeoGraft, or compare two different hair graft implanting techniques like DHI and Sapphire (which we did here), or compare two different incisions techniques like DHI and Sapphire 

    Why is it that all over the internet they are comparing DHI and FUE as if they are different hair transplant procedures?

    Well, the reason might be that many of those writers don't know enough about hair transplants or they know about hair transplants but are not deep enough to understand the details. A hair transplant is a medical procedure at the end and must be explained by hair transplant doctors.

    Can DHI and FUE be combined in a single hair transplant procedure?

    Definitely, and that's what we do in most of our hair transplant procedures. We use FUE for hair grafts harvesting and DHI for implanting them. This is an amazing combination that produces the most natural and dense results. 

    Patients also ask, which is better DHI or FUE? What would you say?

    Well, although from my perspective as a hair surgeon the question is wrong! But I would say that DHI in combination with FUE is the best practice

    DHI for implanting the hair grafts and FUE (using the micro-motor) for extracting them make the best combination for us to run a successful hair transplant procedure.

    Some patients ask, Is DHI superior to FUE? What would you say?

    Well, as I explained previously. DHI isn’t comparable to FUE. DHI isn’t superior or inferior to FUE in anyways

    They are different methods for different purposes within a single hair transplant procedure. But once combined, DHI and FUE are superior to most of other hair transplant procedures

    What would you say about DHI vs FUE in terms of results?

    Well, again DHI vs FUE isn’t a correct comparison in terms of results either. But I can say one thing again from the results perspective, once DHI is combined with FUE, we get the most natural results from a hair transplant procedure.

    What about DHI vs FUE in terms of density?

    The same logic applies here. DHI and FUE aren’t comparable in terms of density as well. But we have noticed that when we use DHI for implanting the hair grafts that were extracted using FUE, we could achieve the highest levels of density per cm in the recipient areas

    This happens without causing damage to the densely implanted hair grafts or to the recipient area of the scalp. Thanks for this goes to the pens used in DHI help us achieve higher preciseness and density at the implanting stage

    Is DHI better than FUE for a beard hair transplant?

    A combination of DHI and FUE for facial hair transplants including beard hair transplants, mustache hair transplants, or sideburns hair transplants is a great practice for a successful procedure. 

    In this combination, the hair grafts will be extracted using FUE technique, after that implanted in the beard using the DHI technique. Beard hair transplants require more preciseness and delicacy at the implantation stage and that's where DHI technique stands strongly.

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