Posted 31/10/2022 in Hair Transplant

Does Transplanted Hair Turn Grey? And Can Grey Hair be Transplanted?

Does Transplanted Hair Turn Grey? And Can Grey Hair be Transplanted?

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    People with grey hair who are about to have a hair transplant are wondering about two things:

    The possibility of transplanting grey hair. And whether the transplanted hair turns grey or not.

    Knowing the answers to these questions is crucial for them in making their decision to undergo the operation. 

    Because there is a belief that white or grey hair does not grow as well as colored hair.

    So, is this belief true or not?

    Let's find out the correct answer based on the opinions of hair transplant experts at Expert Hair Transplant Clinic and dermatologist Dr. Semra Akinturk.

    Can grey hair be transplanted?

    Some people who have grey hair think that hair transplantation may not be suitable for them and will not work. 

    They believe that white hair does not grow as well and thick as colored hair.

    This belief is wrong, as the dermatologist Dr. Semra said: "Grey hair is like colored hair in terms of strength and growth rate. The only difference is the lack of melanin pigment in white or grey hair."

    Thus, the answer about whether grey hair can be transplanted or not is definitely YES!

    There is nothing that can prevent people with grey hair from getting hair transplantation unless they don’t meet some criteria.

    For example, if the person is not in good health that allows him/her to undergo the operation or does not have enough hair in the donor area.

    However, a hair transplant expert at the Expert Hair Transplant Center told us: "It may be more difficult to perform a hair transplant for those who have white or grey hair, due to the transparency of the hair."

    The reason for this is that grey or white hair poses a difficulty for the medical team while extracting the follicles from the donor area.

    Therefore, some doctors may ask patients to dye their hair a darker color, such as black, to facilitate the extraction process.

    Does the transplanted hair turn grey over time?

    As you know that transplanted hair follicles are taken from the donor area behind the head. 

    During the hair transfer process, the entire hair follicle is transferred from one area to another area of the scalp.

    So, when the hair follicle is completely transferred, it preserves its characteristics in terms of genetic makeup, texture, and color.

    For this reason, when the hair in the donor area begins to turn grey, the color of the transplanted hair will naturally change as well.

    Is there a way to keep the transplanted hair from turning grey?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the transplanted hair from turning grey. This physiological process cannot be interfered with or changed by doctors.

    The only thing that can be done if there is still hair that has not turned white is to extract the dark hair and implant it in the recipient area. 

    This will give consistency between the natural hair color and the transplanted hair.

    But when the grey hair has covered large areas in the donor area, there is no other choice but to remove and transplant the grey hair stands.

    When can I dye my hair after hair transplant?

    Hair can be dyed 4 to 6 weeks after transplantation. This period is ideal for the healing and recovery of the scalp and for avoiding chemical damage to the transplanted follicles.

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