Posted 27/11/2022 in Hair Transplant in Turkey

I Tried it and This is Why Hair Transplant is Better in Turkey

I Tried it and This is Why Hair Transplant is Better in Turkey

This is living proof of why hair transplant is better in Turkey. I tried it and I'm very happy with my results.

Why hair transplant is better in Turkey?

First, I would like to thank the clinic for allowing me to share my hair transplant review in Turkey with the community. 

My name is Lucas 42 years old. I began losing my hair gradually in my early 30s. 

My hair was something that I cared about very much and I used to brag about having thick hair. 

Until I started noticing that it was getting thinner with time. This really hit me hard and I couldn’t picture my head without hair. It was very terrifying. 

I tried all the possible solutions that any man would try to regain their hair back but they were all useless and temporary.

When I was approaching my 40s almost all the hair on my front, middle and crown areas was gone as you can see in the picture below. 

Advanced level of baldness

That's when I decided to get a hair transplant…I guess I waited too long to decide on that    

Which Country I Chose for My Hair Transplant?

Anyhow, I started looking for some clinics in different countries and Turkey was on the list as well.

But I was not very sure about it.

I took my time to search more about the quality of hair transplants there and find out why hair transplant is better in Turkey

I was amazed by the number of professional clinics and doctors there and the great results. 

Of course, there were many low-quality places that I made sure to avoid. But on the other hand, there were a bunch of very good places. 

I could see from my search that the level of competition in Turkey is very high in hair transplant. 

Because a lot of international patients (like myself) prefer to go to Turkey than have it done
 in our own countries. 

And it’s not only about the lower cost but more about getting good results.

This is Where I Got My Hair Transplant in Turkey

As you may have understood by now that I spent a while contacting some of the best clinics in Turkey. 

I finally decided on Avrupa Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul, I liked their way of communicating and prompt responses. 

They helped me with everything to facilitate my hair transplant journey in Turkey.

I went there in March 2022, got my hair transplant done, and went back home. Everything was perfect, to be honest, they all made sure that I had the best experience. 

Now after almost 8 months, I can’t express how happy I am with my results. 

I wasn’t expecting to have such an amazing result and maximum coverage in a single session. 

My hair transplant results in Turkey
Maximum coverage after hair transplant
Hair transplant after 1 session
Hair transplant Turkey after 1 session

Although my case needs 2 separate sessions to cover all the balding areas. I still have some areas in the crown region that needs to be thickened which I already know about from the beginning. 

They were very open with me and told me that the area at the back would need an additional operation.

I may consider another transplant in the future but for now, I’m very satisfied with my results.

So guys this was a live example answer for anyone still asking why hair transplant in Turkey is better.

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